Can you say burst into laughter?

Can you say burst into laughter?

Burst into tears, laughter, song, speech, or burst out crying, laughing, or singing, for example, means "begin suddenly to weep, laugh, sing," as in "When she saw him, she burst into tears," or "I burst out laughing when I saw their outfits," or "When they brought in the cake, we all burst into song."

This expression comes from Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It. In that play, when several of the characters meet for the first time, they cry, laugh, sing, dance, and flirt, and thus show who they are. When Orlando sees his cousin Angelique, he cries "O what a noble mind is here abated! What a flat spirit now is left!" Then he bursts into laughter, which means he becomes light-hearted.

Orlando then sings, and when he has finished, they both laugh heartily. This shows that they are very close friends now.

Finally, after more dancing, flirting, and singing, they decide to marry each other. This expression is used when someone does one thing after another quickly and loudly.

For example, if someone laughs and cries at the same time, this would be a use of this expression. Also, if someone bursts into tears or laughter when they hear something funny or sad, this would be another example.

What is the meaning of "bursting into laughter"?

1. phrasing verb If you burst into tears, laughter, or song, you start crying, laughing, or singing all at once. 2. n. A sudden outburst of laughter 3. v. if you burst into laughter, you laugh suddenly and loudly. 4. adj. causing laughter.

Bursting into laughter is a very unusual thing to happen. Most people think it's funny when someone else bursts into laughter. But it can also happen when no one expects it - for example, when you're having a serious conversation and suddenly find yourself laughing out loud. People who burst into laughter are usually not trying to be funny; they just can't help it. Sometimes this happens at jokes or humorously inappropriate times.

How do you describe a laughing face?

What Is the Definition of Laughter?

  1. Intense. His knees buckled taking him to the floor.
  2. Vivid. He threw back his head and let out a loud, humorless laugh.
  3. Spellbinding. Peals of laughter burst from deep within.
  4. Fascinating. His eyes brimmed with tears of mirth and the smile tugging his lips broke into a grin.
  5. Full Examples.

Why do people scream when laughing?

Others believe that individuals weep when laughing because there is too much pressure around the tear ducts as a result of the body moving during heavy laughter. These tears are known as reaction tears, and they occur when the eyes are exposed to an irritant, such as a powerful gust of wind or the perfume of freshly cut onions.

Some scientists believe that when we laugh, it causes small muscles attached to the face's surface bones to contract. These muscles pull the skin tight, which can cause it to crack open, allowing salt-rich fluid to spill out into the surrounding tissue. This explanation is called the "tears as a by-product" theory. Scientists generally agree that this is what happens when someone weeps; however, some argue that this is not how everyone laughs.

People have different reasons for why they scream when laughing. Some say they're unable to control their actions when they cry out in joy at seeing someone they love. Others claim they scream because they feel uncomfortable about having such strong feelings while others are around. Still others say they shout because they want to share their amusement with others.

Some individuals cannot control their reactions when they hear something funny. They begin to cry or scream immediately, and cannot stop themselves. For these people, it is difficult to enjoy themselves or to participate in normal social interactions. The only way they can relax is by using drugs or alcohol to block out the world around them.

What’s the best way to describe the word "laughter"?

You begin to weep or laugh uncontrollably if you melt into anything like tears or laughter... also amusement, pleasure, hilarity, mirth, merriment, rejoicing, snort, snorting, chortling, har-de-har, tehee, tittering...

What emotions do you feel when you laugh?

Laughter may be defined as an audible expression or appearance of enthusiasm, as well as an interior sensation of delight and satisfaction. The four primary emotions are joy, sadness, fear, and anger. However, laughter is not only used to express these feelings, but also as a way to release them internally.

When you laugh, you are expressing your emotional response to something that makes you happy or sad. This can be anything from seeing a funny picture to learning that someone you love is doing well. Laughing helps us deal with stress and anxiety in our lives by giving us something to focus on other than how we are feeling.

It has been suggested that 90% of the time we spend in silence is spent thinking about something else. This means that if you ask people what they are thinking about, most will say "nothing in particular." When you talk about things that make you laugh, you are using your imagination and thoughts about something that is outside yourself. This exercise helps you use your mind instead of letting it run away with negative thoughts.

There is evidence to show that laughing actually changes our brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters are chemicals inside our brains that tell our nerves to work or stop working.

Is it possible to laugh so hard you throw up?

Yes, weeping may cause vomiting, especially when one is severely distraught and vomiting is uncontrollable. One has no influence over what is happening. Fortunately, I've never laughed so hard that I puked. But if I did, here's how I'd feel about it.

In my experience, there are two types of people who can successfully perform this act: comedians and psychopaths. Comedians know how to manipulate their body language to create a humorous effect; they use exaggeration and incongruity to create comedy. Psychopaths are masters of manipulation, but they don't care about being funny per se. They just want to see how far they can push someone before they get caught. Either way, laughing so hard you puke is a rare talent that takes great skill to do.

The reason why this act is so difficult is because you are using muscles that have nothing to do with laughter. The muscles that control your face need to be relaxed in order to vomit convincingly. Also, since you're throwing up repeatedly, you will need to replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. This type of activity requires careful planning ahead of time.

Comedians who try this at home should prepare themselves by watching some classic comedies.

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