Do both parents have to support the student finance application?

Do both parents have to support the student finance application?

Your student financing is calculated depending on who you reside with the majority of the time, therefore if your parents are divorced, you do not need both of them to support your application. If you do not reside with either of your parents, you may be considered an independent student, although this is not a given. Your school district or financial aid office can help determine your status.

When should I apply for student finance and support?

Spend some time settling in and talking with other students and support workers. You may be qualified to apply for student financing as an independent student if you are studying without the assistance of your parents owing to a breakdown in your relationship (also known as being estranged).

If you are not married or in a civil partnership and you do have parental help with expenses, then they can tell you whether you are eligible by comparing your income to the amount of money needed to pay university fees. If your parents' income is more than you need then they can help with some or all of your tuition fees.

You must be a UK/EU citizen to apply for funding. Those who are working while studying might be able to claim unemployment benefits instead - check with your local job centre. Non-UK/EU citizens might be eligible for government scholarships or loans but this depends on how much money you want to spend on tuition fees and what country's system you are applying to. Check with an international specialist college or university to find out more.

Those who are already in full-time education should apply for funding as soon as possible after starting their course. There is a deadline of July 1st each year so make sure you meet this date or you will miss out on any available funds.

It is also important to remember to keep your application form updated.

Do you have to live with your parents to get financial aid?

You are not immediately deemed independent by the government's requirements for financial help just because you are away from home. Most college students do not live with their parents while attending school, but many do get financial assistance from their parents. Whether you need to help pay for college or not, it is important to discuss with your parents how much money you should expect to receive.

If you are accepted into a college program and want to receive financial aid, there is a chance that you will be required to stay in town and live at the college housing facility. If this is the case, they will let you know what kind of commitment you must make to qualify for aid. For example, you might be required to give back a certain amount of days off per year or spend a certain number of hours working on campus each week.

However, if you can prove that you are using your own money to go to school and that you won't be able to afford it without the aid, then you should be granted permission to leave home. The only thing you cannot do is move in with your parent(s) and try to get funds that way. Even if your family does not have much money, there may be other ways you can show that you do not need any help.

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