How do you spell another?

How do you spell another?

Another valid spelling for the English word "another" is [an'[email protected]], [an'd @], or [a n'd @] (IPA phonetic alphabet). This spelling was used in some versions of The Lord of the Rings.

How do you spell extra?

The correct spelling of "extra" in English is ['[email protected]], ['[email protected]], ['e k s t r @] (IPA phonetic alphabet). The 'ekstra' part comes from the Latin word meaning "outside of," and when used in reference to food this translates into "extra." Eating "extras" is common practice among those who like their meals variety-filled.

In American English, it is common to see "extra" written with a single 'e' instead of two. This is incorrect because the spelling "extra" with one 'e' means that there are more of something available or additional items sold at a store. Two 'es' mean that this is an extra edition of an item such as an encyclopedia or newspaper.

In British English, "extra" is always spelled with two 'e's'. This is consistent with other words that use this spelling, such as "exercise" and "insult".

How do you spell "resign"?

[as'aInd], [as'aInd], [a s 'aI n d] are the letters allocated to the English word "assigned" (IPA phonetic alphabet)... Words that rhyme with "assigned"

  1. Assignee,
  2. Assignment,
  3. Assign,
  4. Assigning,
  5. Assignable,
  6. Assignor,
  7. Assignation.

How do you spell it alternately?

[o: lt 'e: [email protected] tl, I], [o: _l_ t_ 'e: n @ t_ l_, I] (IPA phonetic alphabet)...word spelling

  1. Alliteration,
  2. Alterable,
  3. Alternating,
  4. Alliterator,
  5. Alatorre,
  6. Alternate,
  7. Alternative,
  8. Alliterate,

How do you spell it simultaneously?

[s, I m @ l t 'eI n [email protected] s l i], [s, I m @ l t 'eI n [email protected] s l i], [s, I m @ l t 'eI n [email protected] s l i] (IPA phonetic alphabet)... Concurrently

  1. Simultaneous,
  2. Simultaneity,
  3. Simultaneousness.

How do you spell abandon?

[ab'[email protected]], [ab'[email protected]], [a b 'a n d @ n d], [a b 'a n d @ n d] (IPA phonetic alphabet...)... Similar spellings for abandoned

  1. Abeyant,
  2. Abandonment,
  3. Abounding,
  4. Abandon,
  5. Abound,
  6. Abound in.

How do you spell mismatch?

[mIsm'atS], [mIsm'atS], [m I s m 'a tS], [m I s m 'a tS] (IPA phonetic alphabet)... MISMATCH-related spelling terms

  1. Mismate,
  2. Mismated,
  3. Mismatched.

How do you spell afield?

The correct spelling of "afield" in English is [af'i: ld], [af'i: ld], [a f 'i: _l d] (IPA phonetic alphabet). It is derived from the Latin word for away, ab alto. The English language does not have an exact equivalent to the word "away," so speakers often use "afield" as a substitute.

In American English, one sometimes hears people spell this word as if it were spelled "afterfield." While "afterfield" does exist and is used in some contexts, it is not widely accepted as an accurate representation of this word.

Furthermore, using "afterfield" would be incorrect because the -ed ending was not added to this word; rather, it is a plural form. There are two ways to correctly spell this word: as a single word or as two words.

As a single word, it would be written "afield". This usage of the word is common in British English. In American English, one usually sees this spelling used in reference to sports events where they want to indicate that there will be games played away from home, such as "the team went afield in their quest for victory."

When writing about areas of land, "afield" can also be used as a noun.

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