What do you call someone that is weak?

What do you call someone that is weak?

Decrepit, feeble, delicate, frail, and infirm are some synonyms for weak. Someone who is weak has less power or strength than others of similar size and shape; they are vulnerable to injury and illness. Humans are naturally strong compared with other animals; however, everyone needs help at times to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression. There are many different treatments available for these conditions, with different mechanisms of action for each one. Some work by reducing symptoms such as depression or anxiety, while others work by correcting abnormalities in the brain chemistry via medications or psychotherapy.

How do you know if a person is weak?

You can tell by looking at them, because humans are naturally strong. A weak person might be thin or stocky built. They might have poor muscle tone or appear flabby. Weak people are often tired and lack energy. They may also feel depressed or anxious most of the time. Sometimes these feelings are even called "weakness attacks!"

What causes weakness?

People become weak from disease, injury, or aging. Aging causes your body to lose its strength over time. This is normal; it isn't something to worry about.

What’s a word for weak?

While all of these phrases indicate "not strong enough to withstand strain, pressure, or rigorous effort," "weak" refers to a lack of strength or power of any kind. A thing is considered weak if it cannot resist pressure, strain, or effort.

Another way to think about it is that something is weak if it can be pushed around by anything else. For example, if you push on a door and it collapses, the door was not strong enough to resist your push.

In math and science, weakness means inability to do something. For example, someone who is weak doesn't work hard at school because they don't have enough willpower to keep trying if they fail. In software programming, a weak point in an algorithm is one where a small change makes it behave differently. There are many more examples but these are the most common ones.

What is another word for feeling helpless?

Helpless Synonyms - Thesaurus WordHippo: What alternative term for helpless might you use?


How do you describe a weak person?

Physical Weakness Thesaurus

  • Weak. adjective. a person who is weak does not have much physical strength or energy.
  • Frail. adjective. physically weak and not very healthy.
  • Feeble. adjective.
  • Infirm. adjective.
  • Vulnerable. adjective.
  • Sickly. adjective.
  • Malnourished. adjective.
  • Unsteady. adjective.

What is a synonym for "weaken"?

Subvert, de-escalate, soften, countermine, dampen, sabotage, break, subvert, dampen, counteract, unnerve.

What is a weak-hearted person?

Weak-hearted (adj) without bravery; frail in spirit; depressed; faint-hearted. These are all descriptions of someone who is weak-hearted.

The word "weak" here means "of little strength or power." It describes someone who is not strong willed, cannot be persuaded, and does not defend themselves when attacked or offended.

To be weak-hearted is to be sensitive to criticism and to feel humiliated by any rejection. It means never feeling confident about yourself or your abilities.

Weak people usually have lots of friends, because they're so easy to hurt. They tend to be taken advantage of, because they won't fight back.

They may seem like the least likely candidate for violence, but they're often the first to start fights simply because they can't take a hit to the ego.

People look up to stronger individuals as leaders, so being weak-hearted means never making yourself available to help others. You never become president, king, or queen, because there are always more powerful people who could use your place.

Weak people also tend to get what they want, because it's easier this way.

What is another word for strength?

Energy, force, might, and power are some synonyms for strength. Strength can also be called manliness or masculinity. A strong person is one who has these qualities: an ability to carry out tasks despite pain, difficulty, or opposition; courage; determination; self-control.

Strength can be used to describe a material object that is strong enough to perform certain tasks. For example, a car has strength because it can lift itself and its passengers up high off the ground. The car's strength allows it to carry people away from danger in case of an accident. Humans have the strength to heal themselves if they get hurt but sometimes need help from medicine to recover faster from illnesses.

The word "strength" is used to describe someone or something that is able to achieve something difficult or impossible. It is usually used in phrases such as "a strong player", "a strong team", or "a strong country". Some examples of things that have been said to have great strength include trees, mountains, and rivers. In chemistry, strength refers to the ability of a chemical reagent to replace an acid or base catalyst.

In physics, strength is the maximum load that a material can sustain without failure.

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