What does "boot" mean?

What does "boot" mean?

"boot" definition (3rd of 5 entries) A fitting (leather or rubber) covering for the foot that generally extends over the ankle. 2: an instrument used in torture to crush the leg and foot bones.

Boot meaning 3.: a covering for the foot, extending up over the ankle and often having straps with which it is tied on. -- Boot factories: manufacturers of boots and shoe equipment. [1913 Webster]

Boot meaning 4.: any piece of furniture for supporting legs at the base: as (1st degree boot): a table with four legs to raise it off the floor (2nd degree boot): a chair with three legs (3rd degree boot): a stool without arms or legs.

Boot meaning 5.: any small container used to carry water from a spring or other source (as for drinking), as well as to store food or supplies: -- used by hunters: a bag filled with bottles of different sizes (2-1/4 inches wide or less) and holding from 20 to 50 gallons.

Boot camp: a place where soldiers are trained in military skills before being sent into combat. -- Also, boot strap: a long strip of leather or fabric used as a support under the sole of a shoe to increase its height.

What does "boot" mean in Louisiana?

(1) "Boot" or "booting" refers to the act of attaching a mechanical device to a parked motor vehicle's wheel, tire, or other portion in order to prevent the vehicle from moving normally.

(2) "Bootlegging" is the illegal transportation and sale of alcohol by individuals who have not obtained a license for this purpose. Bootleggers often hide alcohol in vehicles' gas tanks or secret compartments. The term comes from the practice of drinking alcoholic beverages "by the bootstrap," which means "by luck or chance." Although this type of activity was common at one time, most modern-day drinkers now obtain their alcohol another way. However, some people still do enjoy a drink where they earn it. These individuals are called "booter drivers" or "wheelin' n' dealin' drivers."

(3) "Bouncer" is a popular name for someone who works as a security guard. The word comes from the British language where it means "one who keeps watch over something of value." In America, bouncers are usually employed by nightclubs and bars to prevent uninvited guests from entering. They may also be found at house parties, mosh pits, and other dangerous places where an individual might get hurt if they go inside without being allowed in.

What is the definition of "boot" in a computer?

Definition of Boot To boot a computer is to turn it on. A boot sequence, also known as a boot process, boot procedure, or bootstrap routine, is the series of actions that a computer begins completing when power is turned on and continues until it is ready to use. When a computer is powered on, its central processing unit (CPU), which is usually part of the motherboard, must be set into a special state called "standby mode" or "sleep mode". The CPU remains in this state until it receives an instruction from the operating system to change itself back into a full-power state.

In most computers, including desktop computers, a keyboard is used to input instructions into the computer while it is powered on. These instructions are read by the CPU and cause it to perform specific tasks. In order for the computer to function properly, all parts of the computer need to work together during this process.

The term "boot up time" refers to how long it takes for your computer to start up after turning off or powering down. It depends on what has been done to make your computer slow to start up. Some common causes of slow boot times include missing or outdated drivers, multiple hard drives, and poor storage configuration. If any of these factors apply to you, your boot time will suffer greatly.

A bootable device is a device that can hold a computer program or data that can be loaded into memory and run.

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