What does it mean to be unfulfilled?

What does it mean to be unfulfilled?

A: unfulfilled: unsatisfied, unmet... critical unfilled national demands... — Oxford English Dictionary

Unfulfilled desires is probably the most common cause of depression. If you have lost some of your friends because they were also depressed, it means that they were also unfulfilled. They lacked something in their lives that they wanted or needed. Sometimes people say that they are depressed because they feel like a failure. This is also caused by a lack of fulfillment in one's life. Failure can take many forms; failing to achieve something you've set out to do, being unable to fulfill someone else's desire, or losing something valuable such as money or a friend. When you fail at something you feel disappointed and this can lead to depression.

People who are unfulfilled tend to seek it out in their relationships. If you are unhappy with your partner, there are several things you can do to make yourself more fulfilled. You could try new activities together or talk about what you want from the relationship. If you aren't getting what you need from a relationship, you should consider changing it or finding another one that will provide you with what you crave. Relationships are hard work and require commitment but they are worth it if you get pleasure out of them.

What does "unfulfilled desire" mean?

1 adjudication When you use the word "unfulfilled" to describe anything like a promise, aspiration, or necessity, you suggest that what was promised, hoped for, or required did not occur. This term is used in psychology to describe a desire that has not been fully satisfied by events or people.

2. A want or need that has not been fulfilled.

3. An unfulfilled expectation.

4. Lack of success in achieving something.

5. Failure to fulfill a commitment or obligation.

6. Lack of satisfaction.

7. The state of being unfulfilled.

8. Something lacking strength or power.

9. Absence of strength or power.

10. Insufficient payment for goods received.

11. Needlework; sewing.

12. To cause (someone) pain or suffering.

13. To deprive of happiness.

14. A mistake.

15. An error.

16. Alone, single, sole.

17. Without partners or spouses.

What’s the word for unsatisfied?

What other term for dissatisfied might you use?


What is the meaning of "unattainable"?

Unachievable: not reachable, unachievable aims, an unrealistic ideal. The goal was unattainable because it was so high.

What is the definition of "unwarranted"?

Not justifiable in the absence of substantial or governmental support: anxieties of an unwanted and uninvited incursion Their criticism is unjustified.

Their criticism of our involvement in Vietnam was unwarranted.

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Marijuana has been used for centuries as a medicine.

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