What does "sagacity" mean as used in line 9?

What does "sagacity" mean as used in line 9?

The definition of sagacity is "anything that demonstrates great mental insight and sound judgment." Wisdom, astuteness, discernment, common sense, and clear thinking are some synonyms for sagacity. The word comes from the Latin sapientia, which means "wise mind". It also can mean "the quality of being wise", "the state of being wise", or even "a person who is wise".

Sagacious people are intuitively aware of what should be done at any given moment. They make good decisions because they have considered all the relevant facts and come to a reasonable conclusion. Often they receive praise for having good instincts about people and things. However, genius is often seen as being more than just having a keen instinct; it is also using this knowledge to create something new and valuable.

In ancient Greece, the term "sagaxity" was used to describe the character trait of wisdom. Aristotle defined it as the ability to understand many things simultaneously. It's sometimes translated as "broad-mindedness" or "open-mindedness". He also said that women were by nature less sagacious than men.

In modern usage, the word has become somewhat synonymous with "sensei", which means "teacher".

What is sagacity in a sentence?

The definition of sagaciousness. Capacity to make sound judgements and judgments Sentence examples of sagacity 1. Despite widespread belief that he was stupid, the politician's foresight enabled him to recognize that he would not be re-elected. (Alfred Adler) 2. His wisdom and judgment were such that he was often called the wisest king in England. (Henry VIII) 3. The president's decision to remove Judge Bork before his confirmation hearing was confirmed by many observers as being one of judgment and wisdom. (Norm Dicks) 4. Her father was so impressed by her maturity and sense of justice at such a young age that he named her his successor.

Sagacity is the quality of making wise decisions about what needs to be done now and what can be left for later. It involves using your head and using it correctly. Someone who is sagacious thinks ahead of everyone else and doesn't hesitate to take action now even if it means losing some small thing down the road. They aren't afraid to make a hard decision or to say "no" to someone. A sagacious person can also see problems with an idea and reject it before it gets started. No one likes being told "no," but people love being around someone who knows how to make decisions and who isn't afraid to use them.

What does sagacity mean in the Bible?

The great-grandfather of our term sagacity is the Latin word sagacitas, which means "wisdom." Just keep in mind that it incorporates the term "sage," which means "wise one"—our wise forefathers were referred to as "sages." But, before we become too cocky, keep in mind that in the 17th and 18th centuries, sagacity meant "...the state of being sage or knowing much about many things," so this word also includes what we now call ignorance.

In the Bible, wisdom is described as a quality or state of knowledge and understanding gained through experience and education for use in making decisions and solving problems. The Bible also uses the words intelligence and sense to describe this quality. For example, God says, "Without my intervention you would not exist" (see Genesis 22:29). This statement shows that God is intelligent because without Him nothing happens automatically but instead requires a decision be made by something—in this case, God.

Wisdom is important because it helps us make good decisions. Without it, we would be like little children who want to do everything at once and cannot decide what to do first. So wisdom is vital to lead a full life.

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