What does "sturdy" mean in English?

What does "sturdy" mean in English?

Strong in American English 1. unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyielding; unyield 2. physically strong; energetic; tough 3. not flexible; rigid 4. able to with stand force 5. able to support heavy loads 6. durable 7. capable of withstanding pressure 8. capable of withstanding heat 9. capable of withstanding cold 10. capable of withstanding water 11. capable of withstanding wind 12. capable of withstanding violence 13. long lasting 14. not likely to break down 15. easy to fix 16. good value 17. affordable 18. reasonable 19. simple to use 20. easy to manage

Sturdy means effective, reliable, and durable. In other words, something sturdy is hard to break and hard to destroy. A sturdy house will stand up to bad weather conditions while a weak house will often be destroyed by wind or rain. Something that is sturdy is unlikely to collapse even if you use weighty objects like people or cars. On the other hand, something delicate can be easily damaged by even small forces such as when putting books on a shelf. Delicate items also tend to be very expensive because the more fragile they are, the harder they must be manufactured to avoid breaking down before their design lifetime has ended.

What is a synonym and antonym for "sturdy"?

Strong, sturdy, tenacious, solid, determined, powerful, hardy, and robust. Lanky, weak, ill-set, lean, frailty, fragility, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailty, frailties, frailty, fragile, sickly, slender, spindly, thin.

Sturdy means able to with stand or bear weight, or to support something heavy. Sturdy objects are not too light nor too heavy; they can be moved around without breaking. A sturdy person is not afraid of work; can handle heavy loads; does not give up easily. At first glance, it may seem that frail means "not sturdy" but that is incorrect. Frailty refers to the state of being frail. So, frail people are not strong nor are they sturdily built. Instead, they are often described as thin or wiry.

Antonyms of sturdy are: bold, courageous, dauntless, fearless, gallant, gay, hearty, independent, lusty, manly, merry, nimble, plucky, prancing, rosy, saucy, spirited, stout, proud, valiant, virile.

What things are sturdy?

Sturdy is defined as anything that will not break, a strong person, or something that is well-built. A balancing beam that can support up to 400 pounds is an example of something robust. Having or displaying tough physical strength or health. A strong lifeguard with a strong frame. There are several words that mean strong alike: adamant, arrant, brassic, stalwart, etc.

Sturdy objects are those that will not break easily. If you drop a rock into a lake, it should remain intact. All else being equal, a rock that is more massive than another same size rock dropped in the same place will produce a stronger splash. Massive rocks are harder to break up and disperse in the water column than small rocks.

If you take a walk on the beach, you will see that some objects are stout, while others are flimsy. The best way to tell the difference is by looking at them. Strong objects are hard to knock over, while weak objects are easy to topple. Tall trees are good examples of sturdiness; most wind up staying where they are planted even though they may grow tall and thin without ever getting bigger around the middle. Smaller plants that get blown over are fragile.

Objects that contain many small parts are frail, while larger pieces bound together with glue or metal are sturdy. Frail objects can be broken easily, while sturdy ones tend to survive damage or destruction.

What does it mean to "be built strong"?

1 involving or characterized by physical or mental strength 2 of a strong or sturdy build; not readily damaged or wounded 3. Possessing a steadfast will or a morally robust and incorruptible character 4: of high quality; not flimsy or fragile. A powerful voice and a powerful odor are two traits that are commonly cited as reasons why dogs are bred to have a strong scent.

Dogs that are built strong have an advantage in survival rates over those who are not. Animals who cannot withstand large predators will not survive long enough to reproduce. Strong animals also tend to have healthy offspring which can pass on their strong qualities. This is why some breeders choose to test the breaking strength of their puppies' legs before they sell them. The more weaklings that can be weeded out, the more profitable the sale will be for the rest of the litter.

The phrase "to build someone up/someone's confidence" comes from building something like a house. If you want people to think highly of you, tell them about your accomplishments. Talk about how you've built yourself up through hard work, education, or experience. This will make others feel good about themselves and will help them see themselves in you.

The word "stronger" means better or faster at doing something. If you say that one person is stronger than another, then he or she has achieved something that the other has not.

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