What Does "What Does Not Mean" Mean?

What Does "What Does Not Mean" Mean?

Whatnot is a colloquial term for bits and ends. Because whatever also implies etcetera, it is frequently used at the conclusion of a list. You can use this term to denote any more items that you don't want to name. You could encounter lions, zebras, giraffes, and other animals in the zoo. Whatnot includes elephants, which aren't really part of the lion family.

Consequently, whatnot means things not mentioned previously (in this case, elephants). It can also mean things that follow anyway (in this case, the zebra).

In logic, whatnot means something that does not belong there. For example, if I say that today is Monday and tomorrow will be Tuesday, then whatnot means Thursday. What has been said about Mondays - they are workdays; about Tuesdays - they are study days - applies to Thursdays as well. What has not been said about Mondays or Tuesdays cannot apply to Thursdays.

In mathematics, whatnot usually refers to elements that do not belong in an array. For example, if we have an array of numbers from 1 to 10 and we want to insert 11 between 9 and 10, then what happens to what was before 9 and after 11? The rule is that whatwas before 9 becomes whatnot after 11 and whatwas after 10 becomes whatnot before 11.

What is the opposite meaning of nothing?

Anything, everything, and everything. Nothing (noun) There is nothing; there is nothing at all. I've got nothing against football, but why would I want to see my team play in a stadium that doesn't even belong to them?

Nothing can be both a quantity and a lack. So something cannot be both nothing and something at the same time. Therefore, something must be one or the other - it can't be both.

It is important to understand that nothing does not mean empty space. Space is emptiness, but emptiness is not space. They are two different things. Emptiness cannot be contained in a container, while space can. This is why nothing can be both nothing and something at the same time; if it were possible to be both, then it would have to be empty space, which is impossible.

It can only be one or the other. Either it has a value, or it doesn't.

What does "not contrary" mean?

2 stubborn; perverse 3 (especially of wind) unfavorable 4 (of the plant components) are at right angles to each other. 5 (Logic) connected in such a way that they cannot both be true at the same time, yet they can both be wrong at the same time. 6 not opposing 7 without contradiction.

Contrary means exactly opposite in opinion or judgment. The words come from the Greek anti meaning against and kardia heart. Thus, contrary means exactly opposite in spirit or attitude. For example, the planets Mars and Jupiter are two bodies in the Universe whose orbits are completely opposite. They do not share any part of their orbit with each other but travel in straight lines away from each other until another planet blocks out their path.

So, objects that are contrary one to another cannot co-exist. For example, if you put a cat and dog in the same box they will never get along, even though both animals want to eat meat. Cats are carnivorous which means they only eat meat and vegetables. Dogs on the other hand are omnivores which means they can eat meat and vegetables. Because cats and dogs are contrary elements they cannot co-exist.

Another example is fire and water. These two elements are contradictory because if water was exposed to heat it would boil, and if fire was exposed to water it would go out. You cannot have water and fire together in the same place at the same time.

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