What does "wiffy" mean?

What does "wiffy" mean?

It has the strongest or stenchiesta strong or unpleasant odor. That's why we call it whiffy.

What does the word "twangy" mean?

Adjective The tone is crisp and pulsating, like a plucked string. Having a nasal tone to one's voice; sounding like a bird.

Twang is a quality of sound that some instruments and voices have when they are played or sung sharply with tension in the strings or air. The term comes from the sound of a guitar string being snapped too hard.

In music, a twang is also used to describe a similar but less pleasant effect produced by overly strained vocal cords. This type of sound is generally associated with country music or blues singing styles because these genres rely heavily on the presence of such chords for their overall sound. A singer might use force when reaching high notes or shouting into the microphone to produce this kind of twang.

The phrase "a twinkle in his eye" is used to describe a smile that shows many teeth but is not unpleasant. It implies that there is a bit of mischief behind the amusement.

A twangy car has worn out its suspension system. A twangy guitar string is now easy to play but will soon need replacing.

A twango means something that causes annoyance or disappointment.

What does the word "stingy" mean?

Stingy, close, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, miserly, implying a refusal or demonstration of a refusal to share with others. Stingy people are said to have no generosity of spirit.

What does "nitty" mean?

Adjective (comparative nittier or more gritty, superlative nittiest or most nitty) precise or particular; finicky, nit-picky. Also, noun.

Nitty means very small and exact, such as micronized powder that can be used to make skin cream or paint. It's also used to describe something that is extremely limited in quantity.

For example, "The movie was not rated very nitty with regard to violence." Or, "His idea of a romantic date is very nitty — nothing physical, just dinner and a movie."

We use the word nitty because we want to go to an art gallery/coffee shop/record store etc. That's about it for now.

What does "taffy" mean?

A porous and glossy boiled confection consisting of sugar, molasses or corn syrup, butter, and sometimes vinegar and vanilla. 2, false compliments Example phrases using synonyms Find out more about taffy. Meaning of taffy in English language. Information about taffy from Collins dictionary. Examples of use of taffy in a sentence.

What does "servile flattery" mean?

1 subservient in attitude or behavior; submissive in behavior: a servile man; a servile tongue. 2 compliant; easily persuaded or coerced: a servile mind; a servile memory. 3 lacking in spirit or courage; craven: a servile resistance. 4 insufficient in amount or value; poor: a servile attempt at art. 5 made with little effort or thought; lazy: a servile job. 6 dull; insipid; boring: a servile poem. 7 forced; compulsory: a servile attendance at school.

Servility is the quality of being subservient, especially to someone who has authority over you. Serviles obey without question or protest. They are not only willing but also eager to do anything that person tells them to do. The word comes from the Latin servilis, meaning belonging to a slave or servant. Slaves were people who were owned by others and therefore had no choice but to be subservient to their owners.

In modern English, servility refers to fawning adulation or obsequious behavior toward someone of higher rank or position. One shows servility toward someone by behaving in a subservient manner toward him or her.

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