What happened in the 1670s?

What happened in the 1670s?

July 18 (July 8, O.S.): Spain recognizes Jamaica and the Cayman Islands as English holdings in the Treaty of Madrid (1670). In August, Spanish frigates invade the city of Charleston, South Carolina. William Penn and William Mead are prosecuted in London following a Quaker sermon on September 1–5. They are acquitted.

In October, the first known slave trade incident occurs when eight Africans are rescued in Massachusetts Bay Colony. In November, the first recorded kidnapping in what would become Kentucky takes place when two men grab an Indian girl during a raid on her tribe's camp. The girl is taken to Virginia where she is sold into slavery.

In December, France signs a treaty with the Iroquois allowing French traders free access to their territory.

These events constitute the beginning of the American Revolution.

What historical events happened in 1725?

6 Historical Events

  • 0 Emperor Charles VI & King Philip IV of Spain sign Treaty of Vienna.
  • Spain and Austria sign trade treaty.
  • 1 The Order of St.
  • Britain, France, Hannover & Prussia sign Covenant of Hannover.
  • Foundation of Rosario in Argentina.
  • Spain & Austria sign secret treaty.

What happened in the 1720s?

During the War of the Quadruple Alliance, Spanish soldiers attack the British colony of Nassau, Bahamas, on February 24. Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden resigns on March 11 (February 29 Old Style) to allow her husband Frederick I to become King of Sweden. The new king is unable to control his wife's spending and in 1730 he removes her from power. Ulrika Eleonora is imprisoned at Heringsholm Castle until her death in 1751.

Britain and France go to war over which country should control Canada. The conflict ends in 1763 with a treaty that leaves Britain in control of the territory known today as Quebec while France gets Louisiana.

In America, the French and Indian War ends in 1763 with a treaty that cedes most of the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River to the British. However, the treaty does not include North America's largest city at the time, Philadelphia. This omission causes resentment among Americans who call the region beyond the Appalachians "Pennsylvania Country".

During the Seven Years' War, Russia attacks the Swedish empire. The war ends in 1763 with a peace agreement that returns Finland to Sweden.

In Africa, Portugal fights Spain for control of Angola and Mozambique. In 1777, after years of fighting, Portugal gives up and joins an alliance of European nations against Spain.

What happened in the US in 1609?

Henry Hudson is the first European to glimpse Delaware Bay on August 28. Seven ships arrive at Jamestown, Virginia, with 200–300 men, women, and children, reporting the wreckage of the Sea Venture off Bermuda. On September 2nd, Henry Hudson sails into New York Bay aboard the Halve Maen. The expedition has been sent by William III to claim the American continent for England.

The event is now celebrated as the Discovery Day. A statue of Henry Hudson was erected in his home town of Havelock, Ontario.

What happened in the year of 1765?

What Happened Throughout History? Year 1765: Historical Events of the Year 1765 January 25th, 2007 It was created in Port Egmont, the first British outpost in the Falkland Islands, off the coast of South America's southern edge. 9th March (09:00): Following a campaign led by the playwright Voltaire, judges in Paris exonerated Jean Calas of killing his son. May 15th (15:04): In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin published an essay arguing that the Earth was round rather than flat. June 7th (20:52): In London, England, Dr. James Lind demonstrated to an audience of doctors and patients that smoking cures pneumonia.

In France, the French government abolished slavery, although slaves from newly liberated colonies were brought into France where they were granted their freedom.

In Africa, Portuguese traders carried out the first successful slave trade with Angola. The Dutch followed with a similar business with Suriname. The British did not join this market until much later when they established themselves as major players in the Atlantic Slave Trade.

The American Revolution began. This war, which lasted from 1775-83, resulted in the creation of the United States of America. Although there was resistance from some colonists who wanted to keep ties with Britain, in the end, it was not enough to defeat the British Empire.

In India, the British East India Company launched a military campaign against the Kingdom of Mysore, now known as Karnataka.

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