What is dark green?

What is dark green?

Definitions of dark-green. Adjective. A color in the color spectrum between blue and yellow; akin to the color of new grass. Chromatic green, greenish, light-green being or having a color, or being defined by a color: a dark-green lake covered with quicksand.

Dark green can be used to describe many different colors of plants, including:

Green Plants - Conifers are evergreens that grow cones or strobili containing reproductive structures such as flowers or seeds. Deciduous plants lose their leaves annually during winter dormancy but will regrow them each spring. Evergreens do not lose their leaves throughout the year. Some species of flowering plants are semi-evergreen; they retain some leaf tissue all year round. For example, Japanese maples change color from green to red in fall then back again in spring. Semi-deciduous plants drop their leaves during summer but will replace them with new growth in fall.

Dark green plants are those that have chlorophyll in sufficient quantity to give them their color. The word "dark" here does not mean black or without light color, but rather it means very rich in color. Many plants that are not considered "dark green" contain more brown pigment than green so they appear gray or even white when dried.

What is a yellowish green?

1. yellowish green: a shade of green with a yellow tint. Chartreuse, Paris green green, viridity, greenness-green tint or pigment that resembles growing grass.

2. yellow green: a mineral with a dull, metallic sheen that is very pale yellow to golden brown in color. It is used as a gem material for making jewelry. The color comes from small quantities of elements such as chromium, iron, nickel, and copper.

3. vegetable matter that has recently grown but is beginning to turn yellow and die: corn stalks, wheat, barley.

4. a poisonous chemical element that occurs in the minerals jade, hyacinth, and malachite. Its atomic number is 30; its weight percent in jade is usually between 6 and 12.

5. a toxic substance found in some algae and bacteria that causes yellow skin, burning when exposed to sunlight.

6. a color between green and yellow, like the color of many plants.

7. a type of guitar made primarily from maple wood, having a flat soundboard and a hollow body with ribs of thin strips of maple attached to them. The neck is of solid maple.

What is the meaning of "green"?

A color whose hue is somewhat less yellow than that of young new grass, emerald, or the region of the spectrum between blue and yellow. 2: anything green in color. 3: green vegetation (as in a plural of greens).

The term "green" as used to describe colors is derived from the name given to certain colors by artists who worked in the 16th century. These were the only colors known at that time: red, white, and black. Green was the only color other than black that could be seen against the dark earth of its time. So, they called it "the color of hope" because they believed that any living thing would look alive if painted with verdant paint. Today, we know better, but the word remains the same for these colors.

Red is the color of blood and of roses. White is the color of purity and of clouds. Black is the absence of light and of holes. Green is what's left over after you've used up the others.

As colors go, green is one of the most useful in nature. Plants use the pigment chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy which plants use to make their own food. The more green they are, the more sunlight they reflect back into space which helps them grow.

In science, technology, and art, green is the color of growth.

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