What is a garden croft?

What is a garden croft?

A British noun A small area of land near to a home that is used as a kitchen garden, to graze one or two cows, or for other purposes; a garden large enough to sustain a family or have economic value. The term comes from the old English word "croft," which means an area of ground set aside for growing crops.

In Scotland, where cattle were more important than in England, the term "garden pasture" was used instead. In northern England, a croft may be called a "yard."

The word is still used in Ireland to describe an area of land used for farming.

What is the meaning of "Garden Croft"?

A small area of land near to a home that is used as a kitchen garden, to graze one or two cows, or for other purposes; a garden large enough to sustain a family or have economic value. The term comes from old English and means "garden plot".

In England during the medieval period, the word "croft" was often used to describe an area of land attached to a house that was farmed by a servant or tenant farmer. This was usually an area of grass or weeds adjacent to a building where some livestock could be kept. In time, this might be developed into a small garden.

Later, after the Black Death plague had passed, more acreage was needed to grow food so people started clearing more wooded land which led to the creation of open fields. At this time, farmers began to rent out crofts of land they didn't need for profit rather than farming them themselves. This is when we start to see the term "croft" used instead of "croft".

Over time, the word "croft" came to mean any small piece of land rented from its owner, especially one located near a dwelling where vegetables were grown. Today, "croft" still means such an area, but it is also used to describe someone's personal property or rights related to land they don't own.

What type of word is "garden"?

Noun. A garden patch, generally near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are grown. A public garden is a plot of land or other open space, usually with decorative plants and trees, that is utilized as a park or other public leisure area. The term "public garden" may also be applied to similar spaces in private homes or corporate property.

Gardening is the practice of growing plants for beauty or food. Gardening can be as simple as planting a few seeds in soil and watching them grow or it can be a complicated process used to grow species-specific plants for use in research laboratories. Plants are the basis of every gardening method except for seed-based gardening, which uses plants either bought from a nursery or collected from another location to fill in areas not suitable for traditional gardening methods. Seed-based plantings require a large amount of time to mature enough to be useful.

Gardening can be done professionally by people who work in landscaping or horticulture services or it can be done individually by homeowners who grow plants as a hobby. Some people even create their own gardens without any help from others.

What is a "garden patch" definition?

Noun The United States A garden plot is an area of land that is utilized or suited for use as a garden. In the United States, gardens are commonly used to grow food plants such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, but they may also include flowers and other ornamental plants. The word "garden" comes from the Old English gaeden, which means "to go," "to walk around," or "to travel." Thus, a garden is a planned piece of land that one travels around in search of beautiful sights and interesting experiences.

Gardening is a hobby that has been popular throughout history. It can be practiced on a small scale, with just a few plants, or on a large scale, with hundreds of acres of land. Small gardens are often contained within larger properties, while large gardens may be owned by organizations such as universities or private companies. Gardening may require special tools or equipment depending on the type of plant being grown. For example, gardening without a lawnmower would be difficult because most grasses need to be cut regularly. Gardeners may also need to purchase or make items such as fences, sheds, trellises, and benches to help protect their plants' needs and decorate their gardens.

What is the definition of a croft?

1. a tiny enclosed field near to a home; typically British 2: particularly British: a tenant-run small farm. 3: an allotment.

Crofts are small, agricultural land parcels that were once common in Scotland but have now become rare. They usually consist of about 1 acre (0.4 ha) and can be rented out by someone who lives in a nearby house. A crofter would normally rent out one or more crofts.

In recent years there has been some debate as to whether crofts should be protected under European law because they are likely to be destroyed by high winds or flooding. It was suggested that they should be included in a new category called "Windfalls and Floodlands". However this proposal did not go ahead.

In the UK, there are two types of croft: traditional and long-term. Traditional crofters are those who live in mobile homes known as "tweedies". They tend to own the land on which they live and may also own other tweedies in different villages or towns. Sometimes they will also work on other farms during the season to get extra money. The typical traditional crofter rents out his/her land for between one-and-a-half and three years.

What are the different areas of a garden called?

Gardens and garden areas (thesaurus)

  • Allotment. noun. British a small piece of land in a town that you can rent and use for growing vegetables.
  • Backyard. noun. American a garden behind a house.
  • Bagh. noun. Indian English a garden.
  • Bed. noun.
  • Border. noun.
  • Botanical garden. noun.
  • Bower. noun.
  • Flowerbed. noun.

What does the phrase "Garden Croft" mean?

A small farm, particularly one managed by a tenant, a small plot of land near to a home used as a kitchen garden, to graze one or two cows, or for other reasons; garden large enough to sustain a family or to have economic value.

The term "garden croft" has been in use since at least 1350. It comes from old English and means a small piece of land set aside for growing vegetables.

In modern usage, the term refers to an area of land that is small enough to be cared for by one person or group of people instead of being rented out. This might be an area within a larger field that has been left untilled for several years, or it could be a separate little garden located next to a house. The size of the croft will determine what can be grown there. For example, a croft that is half an acre or less can usually only support a small vegetable garden. But a croft that is three-quarters of an acre or more can probably grow quite a lot more than just vegetables!

People often think that crofts must be small pieces of land, but this is not true. A croft can be very large indeed, provided it is managed properly.

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