What is a good sentence for "strenuous"?

What is a good sentence for "strenuous"?

Example of a difficult sentence Strenuous warfare halted as a result. Her slim frame readily managed the tough labor. He was a staunch supporter of change, particularly in the teaching of sciences, and he backed the case for contemporary languages to be included in the curriculum.

Staunch is defined as "undaunted by opposition; not vacillating; not afraid to take a stand against popular opinion or authority"; "having full confidence in oneself or one's abilities"; "resolute" ; "unyielding"; "insistent".

Thus, a stanch friend is one who stands by you through thick and thin, no matter what happens. A stancher friend will never leave your side even when you don't need him/her around. If you want your friend to be stanch, then be stanch yourself. Stick by her when she needs you the most. Even if that means giving up some of your own desires.

Some words that can be used together: steadfastness, insouciance, intransigence, indisposition, disinclination, aversion, reluctance, unwillingness.

What is the meaning of "strenuous" as it is used in the passage?

Strenuous, as it is employed in the text, means energetic. The effort required to be successful at something is called your effort level for that thing. If you want to be able to perform a strenuous activity, you need to prepare yourself physically by being well rested and having enough proper nutrition and water intake.

In the context of this passage, the word is being used to describe Edna's efforts while learning how to swim. It seems she has made some serious attempts already since we are told that she "had no choice" but to try to learn how to swim. This shows that she was willing to put in a lot of effort to achieve her goal which is why we can say that her efforts were "strenuous".

The question then becomes: What did she do to prepare herself physically for the task at hand? We know from previous experiences that knowledge is not enough to succeed at something, you have to work hard too. So obviously Edna needed to spend time training so that she could become efficient at swimming. She could have done this by going to a swimming pool or reading about how to swim online but instead she decided to learn from someone who knew what they were doing: a teacher.

Does strenuous mean difficult?

A tough activity, such as a hard workout at the gym or lugging a backpack full of heavy books, necessitates all of your effort and strength. Strenuous may also refer to something that requires a lot of energy or power. A strenuous activity is one that you can enjoy but not necessarily love. For example, hiking up a mountain or crossing a rough terrain type place is strenuous because it is an active thing to do but you would not call it a fun activity.

Strenuous means difficult or laborious. In other words, a rigorous activity or task. As well as requiring strength, it also requires effort. Activities such as hiking, climbing, and swimming are considered to be vigorous exercises that require strength and stamina. An endurance event like a marathon or a bike race is both vigorous and exhaustive (meaning it uses up all of your energy), so it requires strength, stamina, and practice at doing long periods of activity.

Vigorous does not always mean hard. Vigorous activities can be fun as long as they are done properly. For example, playing football or basketball is vigorous but fun because they require skill rather than strength. Acting out scenes from plays or movies is vigorous but creative rather than physical, so it's also fun. Visiting museums or galleries is vigorous because it requires a lot of walking, but it's also interesting so it's enjoyable too.

What is the opposite of strenuous?

Weak, indecisive, uncertain, unearnest, debile, frail, and emasculated are all words that could be used to describe a weak activity or person. Opposite of strong.

The most common word for this term is "weaken". If you say someone is weak, you mean they are capable of being weakened. That is, they are susceptible to being damaged or impaired.

Weakening agents include chemicals that damage cells, such as arsenic or alcohol; diseases that reduce the strength of your immune system, such as AIDS or leukemia; and things that deprive your body of essential nutrients, such as hunger or lack of exercise.

People can also lose their strength, especially muscle strength. This happens when you spend too much time lying down, like when you have an illness or in bed most days because of pain. The more you use your muscles, the stronger they get. If you don't use them, they become weaker.

As long as you are healthy, you should be getting stronger every day. That's why it's important to not overdo it at the gym or when playing sports. You may be able to lift heavier objects or run faster times if you rest more periods of recovery time.

Is strenuous an adjective?

Adjective marked by severe exertion, as in action, endeavors, existence, and so on: after a strenuous afternoon of hunting difficult or necessitating considerable effort; laborious: Deep thought is a difficult endeavor. Fervent, energizing, or fiercely active: a strenuous individual; a strenuous intellect.

Strenuous means doing something that is hard physical work or that requires great effort. If you exercise strenuously you use your muscles hard-working muscles like your legs, back, and lungs. Strenuous activities can be either aerobic or anaerobic. Aerobic exercises are ones that increase heart rate while anaerobic exercises do not. Examples of aerobic exercises are running, basketball, tennis, and swimming while lifting weights or playing competitive sports like football or baseball is an example of an anaerobic activity.

The word "strenuous" is derived from the Greek words for "strong" and "effort". This reflects how people often use this word to describe someone or something that is strong and vigorous.

Strenuousness is also used to describe efforts that are made with intent or hope of success. For example, a person may be described as "strenuous in their pursuit of happiness." Or, "the students were forced to work vigorously through several late nights in order to finish their projects on time."

What’s a good sentence for defiance?

Examples of Defiance Sentences Her voice quiver despite her defiance. Her stare was challenging and defiant. He came to her and set his hands on either side of her chair, demanding her attention, irritated by her second act of rebellion in one night. She was silent but she didn't move away.

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