What is the closest meaning of resentment?

What is the closest meaning of resentment?

Indignant discontent or persistent ill will toward something perceived as a wrong, insult, or damage. Resentment may develop when one is treated unfairly or ignored.

Resentment is a feeling that arises when someone treats you unfairly and your body language indicates that you do not appreciate this behavior. Although resentment can be positive, it can also be negative. Resentment can cause many problems in your life if it is not dealt with promptly. It can lead you to make poor decisions or take actions against others.

The word "resent" comes from the Latin resennsis, which means "to feel again." That is, to feel indignation once more. The verb form of the word is resento.

Resentment can be felt by anyone who has been unjustly treated or discriminated against. However, it is usually people who have been marginalized or excluded who experience its most destructive effects.

Often, those who cause us pain do so because they want to hurt us or deny us happiness. If we allow them to get away with it, they might continue to inflict pain on us until we stand up for ourselves. Resenting someone provides them with an excuse to keep hurting us.

What does "resented" mean?

To feel or display dissatisfaction or outrage towards, as a result of an injury or insult (a person, act, remark, etc.) Resented means to feel or show displeasure at.

He felt resentful toward his father because he had never known his mother. She had died when he was just a baby. He hated what his father had done to him and his sister. Every time they saw their father on TV, he would spit in his face.

The students resented the teacher for giving them so much work to do in such a short period of time. They felt that she was being unfair by making them work when they were already late for school.

They also didn't like it when she called them names. One student even went as far to say that he would hate teaching this class every day of the week and beyond!

What is a different word for frustration?

What is another word for irritability?


What does hatred mean?

"Hate" refers to a strong hatred or disgust. 2: generally mutual ill will or resentment: biased antagonism or antipathy, ancient racial biases and national hatreds Peter Thomson's book American History: A Survey Course offers an excellent survey of major events in U.S. history as well as several important themes throughout them.

He hates me but he needs my help so I don't hate him. Hate is a strong feeling that causes someone to want to get revenge on another person. It can be directed toward a person or a group. No one likes to be hated, especially not someone who has done nothing wrong. However, it is possible to feel hatred toward someone without acting on it—a state of mind known as "hatred primes." Hatred can also be expressed through action; therefore, someone can hate something or someone without feeling any emotion at all regarding them.

In psychology, hatred is defined as a negative emotional reaction, caused by certain situations or people perceived as threatening, that involves feelings such as anger, rage, malice, prejudice, intolerance, and contempt. This emotion can also be called "hostility," which is a more general term that includes both love and hatred. Love is the opposite of hatred; they are both forms of emotion that make up human nature.

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