What is the postal code for Athenry, Ireland?

What is the postal code for Athenry, Ireland?

A B C D E F G K L M N O P R S T W Y A Arklow, Y14. Athenry, H65, and Ashbourne, A84.

The postcode system was introduced in Ireland in 1993. It is a simple way of identifying a residential or commercial address. There are six types of postcodes: alpha-numeric, alphanumeric with letters indicating different aspects of the delivery process (such as "printers only"), numeric with detailed instructions on what to do if there is more than one item at an address or if you have a special delivery service such as Fastway or National Packing Service (NPS) - these include details such as "one piece per packet, not to exceed four pieces per order".

All addresses in Ireland now have a postcode, which is used by insurers when sending policies, and by other organizations when sending mail to individuals at that address.

For example, the postcode for Bank of Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is 45-44-33. The first two numbers are the county, the next three numbers are a group of buildings within the county, and the last number is a particular apartment within those buildings.

You can find out a lot of information about an address from its postcode.

What do Irish postal codes look like?

Each code is made up of seven characters and/or digits, separated by a space after the third character. The first character must always be a letter, and the second must always be a digit, but the subsequent five characters can be either letters or digits. The first three characters each indicate one of 139 different geographical regions or post-towns. These include large cities, small towns, and villages. Each region has at least one post office where you can send mail with a Scottish postcode.

The last two characters are specific to Ireland. They are CC and AI, which together form an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Ireland. This means that there are 2 million possible postal codes for Ireland alone. However, only around 150,000 postal codes are used in reality.

Ireland's postal system was established in 1840. Prior to this time, mail was sent from town to town on horses or mules. It was not until then that postcodes were introduced. Before this time, all posts were identified by a number or name, depending on the size of the community.

There are 9 counties in Ireland. These are County Dublin, County Cork, County Donegal, County Clare, County Leitrim, County Longford, County Louth, County Sligo, and County Tyrone. Each county has its own government structure with a council or assembly that determines local policies.

What is the area code for Sligo, Ireland?

The majority of 071 codes are from Sligo/Area. Some smaller areas may have different codes though such as 076 or 077.

Sligo has codes from 016 to 077 except 071 1234 which is outside of the county boundaries.

There are three main telephone exchange groups in Ireland: O'Neill's, CIE and UPC. Each group serves a specific region of the country. O'Neill's serve Northern Ireland and parts of the northeast including Dublin and Cork. CIE covers the mid-west including Galway, Limerick and Waterford. UPC serves southern Ireland including Sligo and Leitrim.

Sligo was part of the old CIE region that also included Clare but this was divided into separate regions in 1995 when O'Neill's took over the Sligo area code. It should be noted that although Sligo is in Connemara County it is actually in the new Westmeath division.

In 2002, 071 was allocated to a new housing development in Sligo called Ballyroan.

What code is 076 in Ireland?

Numbers that are unique

048Northern Ireland access
020 91Dummy numbers reserved for drama, film and television use to avoid accidental clashes with real telephone numbers.
076VoIP services (due to be phased out)
080Mailbox for landline users (formerly access code for Northern Ireland)

What is the postcode for Tipperary, Ireland?

Tipperary Eircode Details
Postal Zip CodesE34
ISO-3166 alpha2 CodeIE
ISO-3166 alpha3 CodeIRL
Country NameIreland

What is an example of a postal code?

Postal codes include GA107, EO1070, and N503074. The postal codes are alphanumeric in nature and range in length from five to seven characters. There are also post office boxes which can be used as alternative addresses for mail delivery. These can be found near the street names or along the borders of some cities. They usually have a blue logo with the word "POSTBOX" in white on a red background.

An example of a postal code is B-2906. This number breaks down as follows: B - beginning with 2; 0706 - all numbers after the first one are divided by six; A lettermark that identifies the provincially owned postal service as being Georgian Bay (the only one in Canada).

Postal codes are necessary for efficient distribution of mail!

What are the last four letters of the Irish postal code?

The eircode system in Ireland only employs the letters A, C, D, E, F, H, K, N, P, R, T, V, W, X, Y. Because Eircode's last four characters are random, this serves two purposes: it also helps to avoid unintentional double-entendres by avoiding the development of word look-alikes. And finally, it ensures that no matter where you live in Ireland, your address will be unique.

In addition to these restrictions, there is no way to write an eircode consisting entirely of letters other than A, C, D, E, F, H, K, N, P, R, T, V, W, X, Y. This is because they are used by other services besides just the Irish Postal Service. For example, electric companies use the eircodes for their own purposes - and sometimes these companies move to new premises with a new numbering scheme.

However, spaces, numbers, and symbols can be used in an eircode provided they are separated from each other by a dash. So if you wanted to include the number 13 as part of your eircode, you could do so by writing "13-7" (without the quotes). Similarly, if you wanted to include the letter H twice in your eircode, you could do so by writing "AH-6H-3N".

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