What would happen without the declaration?

What would happen without the declaration?

The lack of an united national government, the absence of a single authority over interstate or foreign commerce, and the absence of any revenue-generating legislation would have destroyed the new nation. Without it, our government would have split even before Shay's Rebellion.

In fact, the federal government was not established until April 17, 1789 - exactly one year after its founding document was approved in Philadelphia. Before that time, all three branches of government were operating simultaneously: The Confederation Congress, the first presidential administration, and the Supreme Court. This situation required very careful management, since each branch had the potential to overpower the others. For example, during times of conflict, the Congress could declare war, but once war was declared, it was up to the president to actually fight it. Or consider what might have happened if Congress had refused to approve Alexander Hamilton's financial plans when he presented them in 1791. Without these policies, there would have been no way for America to pay her debts or defend herself against foreign invasion.

This is why the preservation of the union is so important. Without it, America would have fallen apart long ago. And without America, the world would be a different place.

What will happen without the constitution?

"The laws and regulations would be absent unless there is no constitution. 1 In the absence of laws, the people would be denied justice, and a chaotic condition will reign, because the constitution is the source of laws. It will be impossible for a country to sustain itself in the long run if it does not have a constitution." - Abraham Lincoln

According to Lincoln, the absence of a constitution would result in a chaos where there is no rule of law. The people would be unable to find protection from wrongdoers since there are no laws to protect them. Also, it will be impossible for a country to sustain itself in the long run if it doesn't have a constitution.

In conclusion, without a constitution, a country can't guarantee its citizens basic protections such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and fair trials.

Could the US function without a federal constitution?

The United States could not exist without a Constitution, which limits government authority and provides society rules. If there were no federal constitution, the states would be unconnected and would be regarded distinct countries, each with its own constitution. This possibility was recognized from the beginning of the republic and has been discussed by scholars including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison are an extensive series of articles published during the ratification debate over whether to approve the new Constitution. The papers argue both for and against adopting the Constitution and they also discuss how the proposed government structure might work if it were approved. In particular, the last paper in the series, No. 85, addresses this question directly: "Could liberty survive without a federal government? Could anarchy prevail under the system proposed by those who contended for its adoption? This is a question which must be answered in the affirmative."

Hamilton argues that a lack of a federal government would be disastrous for the country because there would be no check on the power of the states. He says this would leave the people with nothing better than a "national tyranny" where every decision about national policy would be made by a small group of people at the top.

What would triumph without a strong national government?

(12) This system distributes authority between the state and the national government. Anarchy placed limits on government Federalists were afraid that this would succeed in the absence of a strong national government. They believed that it was essential for the nation's security to have a federal government with powers equal to those of the states or, as they called it, "the union." Anti-Federalists argued that security could be achieved only at the price of losing liberty. They feared that the new country needed a central government with absolute power over all individuals.

In fact, both views are correct but only half of the argument needs to be accepted for peace to prevail. Security does require a strong national government but freedom is not lost even if one rejects such a government. The first anti-Federalist champions of America's independence already knew this. They just wanted a clear declaration from their fellow citizens that sovereignty resides with no one else but the people alone. These men were ready to fight to prove their point!

The founding fathers of America knew that peace prevailed only when there was consent among nations. They also knew that consent could be gained only through persuasion so they decided to invite other countries' leaders to visit them in Philadelphia where they would sign a document that would create a new government for their young country.

What would have happened if the Constitution had not been written?

There would be no rules and regulations if there is no constitution. Because the Constitution is the source of laws, the people would be denied justice and a chaotic condition will reign if laws are not enacted. In the lack of a constitution, a country will struggle to survive in the long run.

In conclusion, without a constitution, there can be no rule of law. This is because laws are derived from the constitution which exists before they are enacted.

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