Where does the phrase "get on the ball" come from?

Where does the phrase "get on the ball" come from?

The phrase originated in baseball in the early twentieth century, when a pitcher who dominated and successfully manipulated opposing batters was said to "have" or "be putting" a lot "on the ball," possibly referring to spin or other nuances, according to Paul Dickson's "New Dickson's Baseball Dictionary."

Pitchers used various techniques to get more "life" out of the ball, such as spinning it or flicking their wrist while throwing it.

The term later made its way into football during the 1940s and 1950s. A quarterback who has control of the ball and manages it well is said to have made many throws "get on the ball" or to have "gotten it off quickly."

Today, the phrase is often used in reference to basketball players who dominate the ball so that their teammates can find open shots. The Houston Rockets' James Harden is called "the king of getting on the ball" for his ability to make all aspects of the game look easy.

Harden has also received attention for his "shooting hand" celebration, which consists of raising his shooting hand with five fingers extended after making a shot.

This celebration was originally conceived by former Rocket Charles Barkley to show support for Scottish golfer Stephen Gallacher, who had just won the British Open Championship in 2005.

Where did the term "base ball" come from?

History Origin. The name "baseball" first appeared in John Newbery's children's book "A Little Pretty Pocket-Book" in 1744. According to baseball legend Alexander J. Cartwright, a New York City amateur player in 1845, Baseball's professionalization represents two significant historical milestones. The first is when an association of professional baseball players formed to promote their sport and defend its integrity against accusations by certain members of the public that it was being ruined by criminal elements within the country. The second is when Cartwright created the first set of rules for the game we know today.

Baseball has been played in some form since the early 19th century. The modern version, with its bases and strikes, dates back to 1869. In that year Abner Doubleday invented a new kind of ball (a rubber one) that could be hit hard and put into play anywhere on the field. Before this innovation there were no such things as home runs. The first documented attempt at a home run came several years later, in 1872, when Albert G. Spalding introduced a leather ball with holes drilled into it for air circulation.

The original base ball had only two bases, which meant that if a batter got a hit he could remain in until any one of his teammates threw him out by throwing the ball across the diamond. The first time someone was thrown out while trying to advance on a hit by another runner was in 1869.

Where does the term "pitch" come from in baseball?

A pitch in baseball is the act of tossing a baseball toward home plate to begin a play. The phrase is derived from the Knickerbocker Rules. Originally, the ball had to be "pitched" underhand, much like horseshoes. Until 1884, overhand throwing was prohibited. The biomechanics of pitching have received a lot of attention.

As a result, the actors put in a lot of time rehearsing, taking lessons at an indoor sports stadium, and working with a baseball expert. Jackson Rathbone portrayed Jasper Hale in the "Twilight" films. According to Hardwicke, the stars had varied degrees of experience with the game.

What does it mean to "knock the cover off" a baseball?

Knock the cover off the ball: to hit a baseball hard. I also ripped the ball's cover off. A pitch with no spin that is often launched with the knuckles but can also be thrown with the fingertips. On its trip to the plate, it tends to flutter and move rapidly and wildly. A hit ball that flutters "like a knuckleball" is also referred as. "Knock-knock-knock-out."

The phrase comes from the old style of ball covered in leather, which was usually red or black. The leather cover would wear out over time, so a new cover had to be put on before reusing the ball. When a player knocked off the old cover with his hand or bat and saw what kind of ball it was, he knew not to throw it back into the game because it would be damaged or even destroyed. Instead, he would use it as a practice ball or fill it with dirt and use it as a ground ball.

The first thing you need to know about this expression is that it means that you have just hit a very hard ball. So if you ever hear someone say that they "knocked the cover off of a ball," then you know that they have hit it very hard.

The second thing you should know is that you cannot do this unless the ball is live. If it is taped or rubberized, you will only get some of the cover off of it.

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