Which is the best definition of the word "punky"?

Which is the best definition of the word "punky"?

Punky (Entry 1 of 2) definition: It is soft or decayed, akin to punk.

Punk means "soft and rotten" or "decayed," and punky refers to something that is puny or weak compared to its supposed counterpart. Puny things are not as strong as they appear to be; for example, a prickly pear cactus is very dangerous because of its spines, but they're only for show; inside the cactus there's just meat and bones. Similarly, a punk has more going for it than meets the eye; underneath its skin lies a strong core of muscle and bone.

Punks were used in boxing to describe a fighter who people thought was no match for his opponent. The word comes from the English puncheon, which is a large barrel used for making whiskey. Because punks have no real defense against their opponents' attacks, they usually lose very quickly. A punk may survive a few shots to the body, but if it hits the head then it's game over. This is why guys like Mike Tyson were always punks with blood dripping down their faces after their fights.

In tennis, a punk is someone who fails to defend themselves properly from an attack by their opponent.

Is "punky" a real word?

Punk*ier, punk*est. Containing, like, or pertaining to spongy punkburning slowly, like a fire

Filters. A punk is someone who plays a prank on you, usually in public. Being duped by a hidden camera TV show is one example of being duped.

What defines punk rock?

Punk rock (or "punk") is a kind of rock music and a music genre. It is frequently described as being harsher, louder, and cruder than other types of rock music. Many punk rock songs feature lyrics (words) that portray an angry story or utilize derogatory language.

Punk originated in the United States in the late 1960s with a group of young musicians who were influenced by groups like The Beatles, The Monkees, and The Doors. Although these musicians would later have success on their own, they first gained attention for covering popular songs. For example, Johnny Cash's "I Walked the Line" was covered by The Marshall Mathers LP which was released in 1990. Also, several Punk Rock songs have been recorded about alcohol or drug abuse ("Drug Addict's Prayer", "Hard to Be Soft", "Alcoholic's Lament").

What does it mean to get punked?

Filters. A punk is someone who plays a prank on you, usually in public. Being duped by a hidden camera TV show is one example of being duped. Being punked is another way of saying that you've been fooled.

Punking is the act of pretending to be something you are not. So if I pretend to be an accountant and steal money from my boss' wallet, I'm punking him. Pretending to be someone or something else for the purpose of causing harm - this is known as hoaxing or shamming. For example, a boy might punk his sister by putting shaving cream in her locker; she then has to wear a bath towel until school is out of business-mode. There are many ways to punk people. The aim is generally to cause them pain or make them look bad.

Punks can be real people or characters. In movies, cartoons, and comic books, pannels are used to punk characters by making them appear on television shows that they watch (e.g., "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"). Punks can also be objects that have been secretly altered with cameras or other recording devices. These include fake guns, knives, and acid bottles.

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