Which means the opposite of "opposed."?

Which means the opposite of "opposed."?

Yielding, acquiescing, concurring, and agreeing combat, withstand, confront, oppugn, impugn, contend, antagonize, contravene, dismiss, gainsay, and contradict.

What is the antonym for the word "opposed"?

Aimed at, aided, backed, supported, advanced, and expedited. Resist, mutch, obstruct, confront, oppugn, bar, delay, contravene, check, thwart, spurn, and nullify.

What is another word for opposition?

Synonyms for opposition: WordHippo Thesaurus: What is another way to say "opposition"?


What is another word for "opposes"?

What is another way to say "opposed"?

fight againsthinder
object toobstruct
buckcontend with

What is the synonym for the word "against"?

Alongside, abutting, in front of, in contact with, on, opposed to, contacting, upon opposed, anti (informal), averse to, unfriendly to, defying, opposing, resisting, vs.

Synonyms for "against" include: abutting, adverse, awry, backhanded, belied, biased, contrary, crass, cynical, deceptive, deficient, derogatory, divergent, ineffective, hostile, ill-advised, injurious, inappropriate, insincere, insensitive, irreconcilable, lethal, mendacious, misguided, misinformed, misplaced, morbid, negative, novel, obdurate, offensive, paradoxical, perverse, prejudicial, problematic, punitive, reactionary, remiss, reckless, risqué, scurrilous, sinister, slanted, spurious, speculative, suspect, subversive, toxic, unwise, volatile, wavering

Antonyms for "against" include: aid, assist, favor, help, oppose, resist, stand against, struggle with

What is the adjective form of opposition?

Opposed. Acting in opposition; being opposed to having an opponent; not being uncontested: a contested election. This word is used primarily to describe things that are different and usually opposite in nature: political opponents; military foes.

It follows then, that the adjective form of opposition is opposed.

This term shows up in words like oppose themselves, which means to make statements or take actions that are contrary to what others might do; oppose one another; oppose oneself; oppose us.

Also see antagonistic - something that opposes or conflicts with another thing; quarrelsome - giving rise to quarrels or disputes; dissentient - holding views at variance with those of others.

Antagonism is the state or condition of being opposed; conflict is opposition followed by action; dissent is disagreement about ideas or practices.

Thus, opposition is the state or condition of being opposed; conflict is the act of opposing; dissent is the expression of opinion or feeling on any subject.

The word "opposition" comes from Latin oppositorium, plural of oppositio, meaning "a going against," and it has been used since 1325.

What are the antonyms for "deny"?

Grant, accept, concede, acknowledge, affirm, confirm, afford, give, indulge are all synonyms for grant. Reject, withhold, negative, contradict, gainsay, renounce, repudiate, disown, oppose are all synonyms for deny.

What is another word for "resist"?

Thesaurus-WordHippo Resist Synonyms: What is another way to say "resist"?

fight againstobject to
baulk atgo against

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