Which of the following words could be used in place of "esteem"?

Which of the following words could be used in place of "esteem"?

"Honor" and "respect" are synonyms for "esteem." 4 affection, regard, honor, reverence, and veneration are all ways to say you respect someone.

Esteem is a very important part of our self-image. It affects how we feel about ourselves and it also influences what others think of us. Esteem can be gained or lost depending on many factors: our achievements or failures, other people's reactions to us, and so on. However, there are some things that can never be regained once lost. Such as, if you spend your money on alcohol, you will always be poor or unable to pay your bills, etc.

The word "esteem" has many different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. If you want to know more about this word, here are some examples of its usage: He doesn't have any real esteem for me. She hasn't heard him speak well of anyone else. I need to gain his trust again by being less arrogant.

As long as there is life, there is hope. Some people lose all hope when they suffer an extreme loss. But everyone has reason to hope again.

What is an example of this?

Esteem is described as having regard for, or admiration for something. Thinking favorably of a smart person is an example of regard. Esteem is defined as the perceived worth of someone or something. The worth of a president whom everyone admires is an example of regard. Thinking less than favorably of a stupid person is an example of not regarding him as worthy of respect.

This word is used in questions and sentences to express esteem, admiration, respect, and also dislike. It is usually followed by for or give. This is the full form of the word; do not use it as a single word.

Examples: What is your opinion on this? I don't regard him as good enough for you. I don't give him any esteem. She doesn't give me any respect. We don't admire him. They don't say anything bad about this guy. The news don't say anything good about this president.

Esteem is also used as a noun, meaning the state of being esteemed or respected, and especially the quality or condition of being worthy of esteem. A famous man who is loved by his country is an example of someone who has earned the esteem of his people. A report that tells what kind of work someone has done is an example of something that deserves its reputation.

Which is a synonym for "admired"?

"Esteem," "regard," and "respect" are some synonyms for "admire." While all of these terms indicate "to acknowledge the worth of a person or thing," "admire" implies generally ardent praise and, in certain cases, genuine attachment. A person who admires another finds him or her admirable; someone who does not admire would find such a person unappealing or at least unconcerned with the opinion of others.

Admiration is an emotion that arises when we see something great or good about someone or something. We can be admired for our talents, our efforts, or our successes. In order to feel admired, we need only believe that others think us worthy or capable of achieving something great.

It is difficult not to feel admired when everyone else around you is telling you how wonderful you are. This could be due to positive feedback from others, but it can also come from hearing words like "good," "smart," or "beautiful" often enough. The more people who tell you that you're great, the more you'll believe it, even if no one really knows you well. This is called social proof and it can have a strong effect on our emotions.

People will always want to feel important- especially when they're not. This is why advertising works: we want to feel valuable because we know that makes us happier.

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