Who conquered more, Alexander or Caesar?

Who conquered more, Alexander or Caesar?

Although he had superior soldiers with the legionaries against the Gauls, he absolutely decimated a Roman force that outnumbered him three to one and was headed by Pompey the Great, one of Rome's finest generals, during the Roman Civil War. This demonstrates Caesar's superiority over Alexander. However, after winning many battles, including the famous Battle of Zela, in which he killed 30,000 men, he died at the age of 46 in the civil war between his supporters and those who wanted to get rid of him.

Caesar was born on the Ides of March (15th of April) 100 BC in the town of Venus (present-day Bonn), Italy. His father, Gaius Julius Caesar, was a wealthy nobleman and governor of Cisalpine Gaul (modern-day Northern Italy), and his mother, Julia Livilla, was a daughter of Emperor Titus and a sister of Emperor Domitian. He had four siblings: a brother named Lucius and two sisters named Servilia and Aurelia.

When he was very young, his family moved to Rome, where they were welcomed by the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. In 50 BC, when he was only nine years old, his father was elected chief priest of Jupiter, and young Caesar was given a place in the Senate. When he was 12 years old, his father died during a military campaign in France.

What did Caesar say about Alexander the Great?

Julius Caesar, like most people in antiquity, held Alexander the Great in high regard. After his death, Alexander became THE benchmark for all future conquerors. A world leader in every sense of the word, he controlled an empire that stretched from Greece to India and was known as the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" because there was nothing he could not do. But even though Caesar admired him, he also saw some weaknesses in his design that made him fallible just like anyone else.

One of these weaknesses was his death. Although no one knows exactly how he died, many theories have been proposed. Some say he was murdered by Porus while others claim he fell into battle against the Indian king. What is certain is that his death brought an end to his ambitions and created a power vacuum that was quickly filled by other leaders wanting to take their place.

Another weakness was his size. Even though he was six feet tall, this wasn't enough to be a match for men like Cassius or Porus. Also, unlike most other rulers at the time who lived in luxurious lifestyles, he chose to fight in the arena with animals instead. Finally, his health suffered due to poor diet and excessive drinking. He died at the young age of 33 after ruling for only five years.

Was Caesar better than Alexander?

Military Commander Furthermore, Caesar led troops as well as maritime fleets, making him an all-terrain commander. However, just as Napoleon admired Caesar, Caesar admired Alexander the Great. Alexander had an early edge due to his education and resources (such as a ready-made army). But Caesar learned from his mistakes and made many innovations in warfare that would be used in future battles.

Caesar is known for two great victories over other military leaders: at Pharsalus in 48 BC and again at Alexandria in 31 BC. The last battle of Alexandria ended in a decisive victory for Caesar. It was here that he killed Pompey the Great. After these victories, it didn't take long before everyone else knew they were no match for Caesar's tactics or ability to hire more soldiers. By 30 BC, all opposition to his power had been eliminated. In fact, after this point, there was hardly any leader on earth who could stand against him.

So yes, Caesar is known as the greatest military commander in history. He invented many new techniques that are still used today, including the use of cavalry in war. His ability to recruit large armies gave him the confidence to challenge both the Senate and the people's will directly. This may not have always been good for peace agreements or individual freedoms, but it was necessary to achieve ultimate power.

Caesar also greatly improved the infrastructure of Rome, building roads, bridges, and aqueducts.

Why was Caesar a great leader?

Military Strategies of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar led Ancient Rome to an extremely powerful and successful army. Caesar was a superb leader because of his war tactics, his honor and dedication to his army and family, and the manifestation of his pre-war planning....

Why was the Roman army better than Alexander’s?

More men were drawn to the Roman army than to Alexander's army. The Alexandrian army was made up of Greek and Macedonian warriors. Alexander's warriors fought for Greece and national pride. The Greek warriors developed a sense of pride that helped them win those important wars. But the Romans needed only citizens who would serve in the army for pay. They could afford to recruit many more people than either Greeks or Macedonians.

The Roman army also included many mercenaries who were paid a lot of money to fight for them. These were not only good fighters but they had no interest in fighting just for Greece or Macedonia. They wanted to make as much money as possible. This gave the Romans an edge over Alexander because he did not have such people in his army.

Finally, the officers of the Roman army were also drawn from the best soldiers in the army. They were responsible for training new recruits and helping them use their weapons. This saved the time of the king who probably didn't have enough time to do this himself. He could spend all his time fighting instead of teaching others how to fight.

In conclusion, the Roman army was made up of better trained and equipped soldiers who were also responsible for training new recruits. This means that they could give orders and instructions and they could lead other soldiers. As we know, kings are given these powers because they can't do any other work.

Why was Alexander the Great important to Rome?

Alexander the Great was a military prodigy who had conquered most of Asia by the age of 33. Alexander considered himself to be the son of Zeus, the Greek deity. Augustus was Rome's first emperor, bringing peace and stability to the Roman Empire. He wanted people to know that he was descended from Aeneas, a Trojan refugee who had fled burning Troy with his pregnant wife Creusa.

By marrying Julia, daughter of Julius Caesar, Augustus became linked through marriage to one of the most famous families in history. The couple had two children who survived childhood: a daughter, Marcella, and a son, Caius Octavius Caesar.

Augustus' political skills helped him build up great respect among the citizens of Rome, who now saw him as their leader. They also liked his idea of having a single ruler who was responsible for government affairs, instead of the many local rulers they had before him. Finally, they felt that having a member of the Julii family on the throne was an honor too great to refuse.

When Augustus died in AD 14, he was followed by the young Caius Octavius, who was given the official title of Emperor by the Senate. This was because there were no living heirs named as potential successors. So the empire was split between several members of the same family.

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