Why did the King of Spain make New Mexico a royal colony?

Why did the King of Spain make New Mexico a royal colony?

The monarch of Spain designated Nuevo Mexico a royal colony in 1609. They were awestruck by Spanish troops and well-dressed officials prostrating in front of the Franciscans, who were performing to dazzle the Indians. The Franciscans claimed the ability to heal the ill, provide rain, and reap bountiful harvests. In return for these services, they demanded heavy taxes from the colonists. However, many of those who paid the tax became dissatisfied with the management of the colony by the priests. They began to ignore the demands for more harvest time, instead hunting down the priests and killing them. This made the Catholic Church too afraid to help their Indian clients, so they turned to the French for assistance.

During this time, the French and Indian War was being fought in America. The French government wanted to keep the conflict going as long as possible because they weren't doing so well in it. When the Spanish colonized New Mexico, they found many French settlers there; this made the Spanish afraid that if they allowed the French to win the war, they might try to take over New Mexico too. So, they decided to bring in their own people to run the colony. These would-be governors needed someone to approve their decisions, so they asked the King of Spain to send someone over from Europe.

In addition to being governor, this person would also be in charge of creating an army to protect the colony.

Who was the leader of the New Mexico colony?

There was no practical way to make good on the land claims without colonies, so in the 1580s, King Felipe II hired Juan de Onate and a band of soldiers/settlers and their families to create a colony on the upper reaches of the Rio Grande in the heart of New Mexico. The colony was successful, and by 1610 it had grown large enough that a priest named Padre Diego de Vargas was appointed vicar general for New Spain. He is now considered the first bishop of the New Mexico Territory.

As bishop, Vargas played an important role in the founding of several other colonial settlements, including one near what is now Santa Fe. When he died in 1631, he was succeeded by his nephew, Bartolomé de Las Casas. A fierce opponent of slavery, Las Casas traveled to Spain to plead the case for Native Americans. In 1550, he had begun work on a book called "A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies," which became one of the most influential documents in shaping British and American views on slavery.

After Las Casas, there were only two more bishops of New Mexico, both of them secular priests who did not live in Santa Fe. In 1713, the territory was transferred from New Spain to Great Britain, and in 1821 it was granted statehood as part of New Mexico.

How did Spain make Mexico a colony?

Spain desired the colony's material help and mineral richness and felt bound to introduce Christianity to the inhabitants. The Aztecs were vanquished by the Spanish conquerors, commanded by Hernan Cortes, who joined with the Tlaxcalan tribes. As a result, the Spaniards won, and Mexico has been a Spanish colony since that time.

In fact, the conquest of Mexico was not completed until 1697, when King Charles II of Spain issued the Treaty of Madrid, which ended hostilities with France and England and granted them land in return. However, few if any English or French settlers came to what is now called Mexico. Rather, they invested their funds in mining operations that lasted for several decades after the conquest.

The main reason why Spain was able to conquer Mexico was because it had alliances with other countries who sent soldiers. These countries included France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Poland. It is estimated that only 5% of the army that went with Cortes was made up of Mexicans. The rest were Spanish soldiers who knew how to fight and were paid very well for doing so.

When the conquistadors invaded Mexico, they brought with them guns made in Europe. These guns could kill from a distance because they used gunpowder which makes a loud noise that scares away animals and humans. The swords and knives also scared people because they thought they were magic.

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